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France Hopes for ArmaTrac

ArmaTrac receives way many positive feedbacks on the quality of 
its’ components as it shows up in France for the second time this year. 
“We have felt some enormous interest shown on us” said Tolga Saylan, 
General Manager Assistant at ArmaTrac’s parent company Erkunt Traktor.

Paving the way for French connection

ArmaTrac’s participation in two agriculture fairs in France in 2013 was caught
in the eye of French farmers as they have stated that they are happy to meet 
again in Toulouse after ArmaTrac’s first French touche at SIMA earlier this year.

“We have received a highly satisfying number of distributor inquiries” 
said Mr.Saylan, as he stated that after sales services is a flagged priority for 
them and they are looking into the possibilities of maintaining quality in all 
areas thus their decision on a new distributor will be accordingly. 
He also indicated that the French standards will be very helpful in order to 
achieve the goal of quality both in sales and after sales services as most 
of the business operations are determined within the frames of laws.
“We are happy to see that our policies match” he added.

3A switches to 3B

ArmaTracs with 3A engines are currently available to French farmers. 
ArmaTrac will be one of the pioneers of 3B engine technology as it 
reveals plans of a switch which will take ArmaTrac among the game-changers.