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ArmaTrac range for the UK and Ireland

Another Turkish tractor manufacturer is setting up shop and seeking dealers in UK and Ireland to sell its range of lower cost machines to compete in that stronger niche of the market.

ArmaTrac tractors are designed and engineered by Turkish engineers and assembled in Ankara, Turkey. They range from 50 to 110hp and are owned by parent company Erkunt Sanayii AS, who have been manufacturing steel casings and parts for other tractor brands for over 60 years.

Mrs Erkunt-Armagan founded the company with her husband Tuna in 2003. They now build 6,500 tractors a year and have risen to number three out of 32 active brands in the Turkish market.

The company says ArmaTrac represents the state-of-the-art in the medium bracket of tractors for modern farming practices. ArmaTrac tractors are well known for their excellent fuel efficiency, high performance and durability.

Exporting 85 per cent of its production to European Union countries, the company says it builds tractors to suit each customer’s specific requirements, taking climate and soil type into consideration.

Some of the ArmaTrac range was first seen at this year’s LAMMA Show where it was greeted with favourable reports.

One of the three tractors viewed on the stand was the Luxe version of the top-of-the-range 1104 model. Visitors reported spacious cabs and a unique instrument layout.

Perkins manufactured the engine for this particular model, the Perkins 4.4-litre unit, with 110hp and Stage 3 emissions regs. Deutz manufacture some of the engines for the smaller tractors in the range. Transmission options for the range include ZF of Germany or Carraro fromItaly, offering 16 forward and 16 reverse gears, with power shift, forward/reverse shuttle and four-wheel drive. Four different PTO speeds are available, 430, 540, 750 which can also be run in fuel economy mode at 540, and 1,000rpm which has a 750rpm economy mode.

A high capacity, electronically controlled hydraulic system offers 5,000kg of lift at the Category 2 linkage, powered by a 60 litres per minute pump, and four
external valves.

Each ArmaTrac tractor also has its own air compressor allowing an external air line, as well as powering a double circuit trailer braking system.

The brand will be promoted in the future at the forthcoming Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh and possibly the Irish National Ploughing championships.

ArmaTrac is launching its new 4WD 904e tractor at Livestock 2013 in July. The 94hp (70kw) machine is powered by the latest Perkins 850 Series engine,
through a Carrero transmission, and is specifically designed and built with the livestock farmer in mind.

The new innovative Perkins 854EE34TA engine is fully compliant with EU Stage IIIB, EPA Tier 4 Interim and MLIT Step 4 emissions regulations due
to come into force this summer. Turbocharged and air to air charge cooled, the 3.4 litre, 4-cylinder unit has a high power density, combined with
excellent torque, which allows a lower cubic capacity and so creates more space to package the new wall flow aftertreatment unit.

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) technology on the aftertreatment unit performs through the whole cycle of the engine for maximum efficiency.

The particulate filter consists of aporous ceramic silicon carbide wall flow delivering a minimum of 90 per cent removal of particulate matter and a minimum 3,000 hour ash service interval. It also contains a Diesel Oxidation catalyst to remove hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and the soluble organic fraction, with the gasses passing straight through the device rather than through the walls.

The four wheel drive ArmaTrac 904e has a 12 forward, 12 reverse full synchromesh Carraro transmission, with power shift and forward/reverse shuttle, giving the tractor superb manoeuvrability both round farm buildings and in the field. A 48.5 L/min hydraulic system offers four hydraulic valves and 3,000kg of lift through the CAT 2 linkage.

Air-con aside, electronics are in limited supply on the ArmaTrac 904e with the majority of functions manually controlled via mechanical hand levers, including the pto, hydraulics and external valves. Brakes are hydraulic control, five friction discs with oil bath at each wheel.