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ArmaTrac Stuns British Journalists

Following the huge interest shown on ArmaTrac at Britain’s most significant agriculture fairs, five British journalists of Britain’s most popular agriculture publications have grouped together to visit Erkunt Traktor’s factory in Ankara and test ArmaTrac tractors on the field.

Witnessing the pre-test demonstrations that took place on the field, the journalists were not anywhere near hiding how astonished they were as heavily-equipped ArmaTrac rode up on a hill, ploughing and pushing backwards another ArmaTrac by leaps and bounds at the same time.

With his eyes wide-open accompanied by a huge laughter, “I haven’t seen anything like this. This is crazy” said James Rickard, the correspondent for one of Britain’s oldest agriculture publications Farmers Guardian.

Five journalists tested four different models of ArmaTrac in a summer-like afternoon and they sounded highly satisfied with what they saw. When asked to share his opinions in two words, Richard Halloran, correspondent for Farmer Link, said “Very Positive” with a big smile on his face, right after taking his hat and sun-glasses off, eyeing ArmaTrac and showing signs of being puzzled. Then he eyed ArmaTrac again and added, “It is hard to believe but this is one of the most powerful tractors I have ever seen”.

The journalists took all afternoon to test ArmaTrac thus the amazement kept going as they explored the tractors. James Andrews, correspondent for Farmers Weekly, was quicker than Halloran to express his opinions in two words, knocking different parts of ArmaTrac and looking very confident in saying “Rock-solid”.