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10 tractors to look out for at LAMMA

Conventional tractors are creeping above the 400hp mark, but there are plenty of smaller ones that will do the job just fine. Oliver Mark rounds up some of the less powerful tractors to look out for at LAMMA. 
Turkish-built ArmaTrac tractors have models extending from 60-110hp. Engines are from Perkins or Deutz, with 16x16 transmissions from ZF or Carraro. Powershuttles and aircon will be available, too. The tractors will be pitched in the mid-price market, with the company keen to stress that these aren\\\\\\\'t cheap-and-cheerful machines. ArmaTrac is thought to be the first Turkish manufacturer to use its own brand name and distribution network in the UK. It sells about 6,500 units each year in Turkey and the tractors also sell well in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. 

ArmaTrac 10 tractors to look out for at LAMMA