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Turkish ArmaTrac tractors will come to the UK next year

UK farmers looking for a mid-priced tractor will have a new name to put on their shortlists from next January. The brand is ArmaTrac, and its made by Turkish manufacturer Erkunt Industries.
Turkey has 32 tractor makers and a huge domestic market to supply. Some models have come to the UK in the past, mainly in the form of rebadged machines slotted into the lower hp end of multinational makers ranges.
However, ArmaTrac is thought to be the first Turkish manufacturer to use its own brand name and distribution network in the UK. This is being set up at the moment, with plans to have six dealers in place early next year.Models from 60-110hp will be offered. Engines are from Perkins or Deutz with 16x16 transmissions from ZF or Carraro. Powershuttles and air-con will be available too.These models were launched on the home market six years ago and some 6,500 units are sold each year. The company, which says it is the third-biggest producer in Turkey, stresses that these are not cheap-and-cheerful tractors. They are said to have a good build quality and will be pitched in the mid-price market.ArmaTracs main markets are currently Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but the company has plans to move into western Europe. The UK and Germany are thought to be the first markets tackled.\"We are actively seeking dealers in the UK and looking forward to introducing our robust ArmaTrac tractor to British farms in 2013\" says general manager Zeynep Erkunt-Armagan.The company can be contacted via UK marketing firm Broglio at The new tractors will also be at the Lamma show in January.

ArmaTrac Turkish ArmaTrac tractors will come to the UK next year