1. What is your current business profile ?
  1. Anuual Turnover(Euro)
2. Are you selling tractors ?
  1. Yes     No
  2. Are you the distributor of the tractors you are selling ?

    Yes     No

    Are you the only dealer of the tractors you are selling ?

    Yes     No

  3. Please explain the reason why you want to choose ArmaTrac

3. Are you doing business for other sectors ?
  1. Yes    No
4. Do you have a Showroom ?
  1. Yes     No
5. What resources are you planing to allocate for ArmaTrac ?
  1. m2
6. Do you plan on providing technical services within your own facilities ?
  1. Yes     No
7. Do you plan to create subsidiaries in OR give dealerships to other areas of your country ?
  1. Yes     No
8. Do you plan to store spare and replacement parts within your facilities ?
  1. Yes     No
9. Do you plan to create authorized spare parts dealerships in other area of your country ?
  1. Yes     No
10. Have you attended any agricultural machinery exhibitions as an exhibitor in the past ?
  1. Yes     No
11. Do you plan to attend upcoming exhibitions ?
  1. Yes     No
12. What would be your ArmaTrac sales forecast for the year 2011 and on ?
  1. 2011 sales forecast: Units
  2. 2012 sales forecast: Units
  3. 2013 sales forecast: Units
13. How would you like to pay ?
  1. Cash

    Letter of credit (should be an irrevocable and confirmed L/C through a reputable bank of your country)

14. Human verification needed
  1. captcha