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Commitment to Quality

Quality - Quality starts at the drawing board and continues through each stage of the manufacturing process, from sourcing to building and testing. Our most stringent standards assure the manufacturing and delivery of our products without compromise.

Innovation - Designed, engineered and built with simplicity and efficiency in mind, our entire organization is focused on making life simpler for the operator. Constant analysis of customers’ needs and feedback help us enhance our tractors, providing distinctive advantages to the farmers. A simple example is up to 30% difference in fuel economy when compared to our competitors.

Reliability – Our tractors are tested both in simulations and in the field with pain staking attention to details. Only then, we allow our products to leave the factory, confident that no matter what you put your tractor through, day after day, year after year, it will perform to the high standards you expect.

Support – The quality of our products can only be matched by unparalleled support by our specialists who make it their business to give you top notch service. You can be assured of sustainability from our distribution network as well as our dedicated family of engineers and After Sales Support team.

Commitment – With over half a century of experience in the casting and manufacturing industry, we are deeply committed to meeting your expectations in building economical, reliable, quality products that are backed by the best support services you expect. Erkunt Tractor Industry, Inc. is the sister company of Erkunt Industry Inc. which provides 6 sigma quality casting and machining products for agricultural tractor and automotive industries.