Please use this form to contact ArmaTrac about becoming a dealer.
The minimum capital requirements to become an ArmaTrac dealer are as follows:
For a specified city € 1-3 million
For a specified region € 3- 5 million
For the whole country € 5 - 10 million

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1- Please describe previous business experience
a) Have you carried exclusive distribution of tractors and equipment

b) Have you carried dealership in Tractor mechanization and/or agriculture industry

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5- What are the resources you plan to allocate for ArmaTrac? Area (m2) Labor Capital (€)

6- Do you plan to provide technical services within your facilities?

7- Do you plan to create subsidiaries/give
dealerships to other areas of your country?

8- Do you plan to store spare parts and the replacement parts within your facilities?

9- What would be your ArmaTrac sales forecast for the year 2013 and on? 2015 2016 2017

10- Are there any points you would like to mention other than those stated above?

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